Hardware is an expression of form and function:
durability, comfort, elegance and aesthetics.

Our long manufacturing experience has allowed us to select high quality hardware, in order to guarantee a life-time duration with very low maintenance. You can choose from our basic selection, or we can work at finding the best models tailored to your environment and building.


Accessories choice give the opportunity to create your choices and unique Viewscapes windows and doors. Our standard handles selection is studied to mix functionality with modern aesthetic lines and to fit perfectly with your building. Feel free to open your mind and imagination: we will manage to meet your demanding design requests.


For our windows and doors we select heavy-duty adjustable hinges, in order to guarantee a lifetime of responsive operation and to bear the massive weight of heavy sash and door panels. You can select our standard hinges with different finishes or our hidden solution, which can fit perfectly with modern and essential buildings.