VS115w sliding, lift and slide

Compact and functional sliding door, that accompanies furniture and wooden items bringing total harmony to your house and building.

> Certified opening system.
> Burglar-proof hardware for lift-and-slide version.
> Aluminum glazing bead with mechanical fixing for improved security.
> Glazing options from 8 mm up to 28 mm glass thickness.
> Capacity for 150 kg to 200 kg door.
> Standard rails: from 2 to 3.


Waterproofing Class LC PG 30
Noise performance 32 dB
Thermal transmittance U=0.508 [Btu/hr ft2 °F]
Note: all measurements are made using the SI, the values shown can be approximated due to the conversion


Viewscapes profiles can be varnished in a thousand colors: from any RAL color to particular rough finishes and special wooden effect paint. Touch the surface and enjoy a unique, multi-sensory experience. Our paintings are long lasting and resist to sun rays, sudden changes in temperature, scratches and external aggressive agents. Finishes can inspire an incredibly modern aesthetic taste: from matte, textured, to natural and anodized.
For particular projects we provide seaside treatment, tested to help painting to resist to particular weather conditions.
In order to provide more durable and high quality finishes, we offer the following selection of colors as standard.


In the aluminum and wood profiles you can choose form different inside wooden covers. The warmth of wood becomes expression of the bond with nature.